Adjustable Bed


  Prodigy Adjustable Bed
Equipped with advanced technology, the Prodigy Adjustable Bed brings convenience and quality sleep at your fingertips. The Prodigy Adjustable Bed allows you to position yourself to a comfortable level by simply raising or lowering your head and feet. With the built-in massager, Prodigy gently relieves the tired muscles, indulging you in the true relaxation.
  Innovative Features:
- Anti-snoring function lessens partner's disturbing snores at a touch of a button.
- Sleep timer promotes a smooth transition from activity position to sleep position at specified times.
- Gentle wake alarm to awaken user by the built-in massage.
- Remote control locator sounds a signal for missing controller.
- Key-pad and LED screen generates lights to operate in the dark.
- Self-diagnostic feature displays a specific code on screen upon malfunction.
  Single   97 cm x 203 cm
  Available exclusively at Simmons Shops.
  All prices and specifications are subject to update without prior notice.
  White leather bed frame shown above is not for sale and just for reference only.
  Double size can be formed by combining two single sizes.
  The Prodigy bed base and mattress fully comply with the US Federal Standard for Flammability of mattress sets (16 CFR 1633) or BS 7177 Safety Standard of U.K.